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Name Added
World War One Simple Version
Keep That Shit Off My M16
Zoidberg Kraken
Fairy Tales Come To An End Eventually
Vampires Do Not Sparkle
The Tin Man's Real Heart
Time Machine Information Poster
You'll Put Your Eye Out!
hottie with a shottie
Alignments We Can All Understand.
Black and White Castle In Color
Best Youtube Video Ever...
Give A Fuck O Meter
Axe Cop & Dinosaur Soldier
Journalist's Guide To Firearm Identification
Rape Your Childhood
Spock Detects Win
High Speed Bullet Impact
Barack WoW!
The Man Who Laughs
AK AR15 Combo!
Hotdog in a Hallway
Obama Joker


World War One Simple Version

World War One made stupidly simple to understand through the cunning use of satire and cartoons!
World War One Simple Version - Click To View Image